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Tulip I


The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love. Like many flowers, different colours of tulips also often carry their own significance:

  • Red: passion, love, and lust

They can also mean “believe me,” or “my feelings are true.”

  • Pink: congratulations good luck
    • Orange: compassion, understanding, and sympathy

    and well wishes

    • Yellow: happiness, cheerfulness, and hope
    • Purple: royalty and elegance.
    White: purity, honour, faith and holiness, forgiveness

Tulip I

  • Your ffl has been hand painted by Sophie onto a solid oak 4x4" block. This personal oil painting can free stand or hang on your wall, bringing a splash of colour to your room

  • You FFL is handpackaged and will be signed for delivered to you within 7 days of purchase

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